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  1. Violet definition is - any of a genus (Viola of the family Violaceae, the violet family) of chiefly herbs with alternate stipulate leaves and showy flowers in spring and often cleistogamous flowers in summer; especially: one with smaller usually solid-colored flowers as distinguished from the usually larger-flowered violas and pansies.
  2. Violet definition, any chiefly low, stemless or leafy-stemmed plant of the genus Viola, having purple, blue, yellow, white, or variegated flowers. See more.
  3. vi·o·let (vī′ə-lĭt) n. 1. a. Any of various low-growing herbs of the genus Viola, having short-spurred, irregular flowers that are characteristically purplish-blue but sometimes yellow or white. b. Any of several similar plants, such as an African violet. 2. The hue of the short-wave end of the visible spectrum, evoked in the human observer by.
  4. The name Violet is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "purple".. Violet is soft and sweet but far from shrinking. The Victorian Violet, one of the prettiest of the color and flower names, was chosen by high-profile parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, definitely a factor in its rapid climb to popularity.
  5. © Thư viện trực tuyến ViOLET Đơn vị chủ quản: Công ty Cổ phần Mạng giáo dục Bạch Kim - ĐT: Giấy phép mạng xã hội số 16/GXN-TTĐT cấp ngày 13 tháng 2 năm
  6. Violet flowers are edible, used in medicines, as a laxative, and the flowers are candied for decoration in jellies, etc. True Violets. Saintpaulia is a genus comprising African violets, which are not true Violets. The main differences between African Violets and True violets are.
  7. Violets (Viola)—though unrelated to African violets—are one of the February birth flowers, so a potted African violet can make a bright gift for a February birthday. African violets originally come from Tanzania, in East Africa. Find out more about these dainty flowers here. The violet symbolizes loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness.
  8. shrinking violet A negative term for a very shy person. After years of being seen as nothing more than a shrinking violet, Christine decided to overcome her fears and start talking to strangers. See also: shrink, violet shrinking violet Fig. someone who is very shy and not assertive. I am not exactly a shrinking violet, but I don't have the guts to say.

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